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English Speaking Classes



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NLMET works with marginalized women in the underprivileged communities who want to make a difference in their lives and make a positive contribution to their families and communities.

NLMET offers them a course which enables them to learn conversational English and basic reading and writing skills. This makes a significant contribution to empowering the women to gain sustainable employment, pursue further education and enhance their status.

The empowerment of women affects not just the women but their children and their communities.

The need

Little or no education, underdeveloped personalities and no skills make the women in slums and similar communities vulnerable to menial, underpaid jobs with a huge risk of abuse a day to day reality. India's culture teaches respect of women to a high standard but the stark reality of these women is the complete opposite, abuse from men at home and society really beats down on the moral and self confidence of these women, often trapping them in situations where there is no way out. By running personality development schemes like conversational English classes gives them an opportunity of interacting with others and teachers confidentially and also to understand the various possibilities and avenues of growth.

The work

NLMET runs two classes daily in Dharavi and Malvani (suburban slum), empowering women with personal growth and self development. Day to day interaction with teachers and visiting lecturers makes them aware of their potential and encourages them to make the investment into equipping themselves with the necessary skills to make a difference in their lives. Women working in small businesses and offices are helped so that they can improve the approach to their work and life. Office mannerism, telephone answering skills, information gathering and relaying, and other secretarial skills are also taught during these lectures.

Transformation Stories

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