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As part of our holistic strategy to meeting the needs of the poor, we have identified the need for accessing clean water' as a priority in many villages around Maharashtra where the government supply of water is scarce. The provision of potable water can have a significant impact on a whole rural community.

NLMET has dug 51 Bore wells since 2003. Clean potable water is a basic human need, but the reality in a vast, mainly rural country like India this basic need is unmet for a large number of communities. Drilling bore wells in remote places where there is no water supply from the government ensures that communities receive potable water for their daily needs.

The Need

It is scientifically proved that 80% of diseases in developing countries like India are caused due to consumption of contaminated water.

The people living in Mumbai and in Maharashtra face a huge problem with receiving clean drinking water due to in sufficient rains in the last few years. The rivers and the dams are not full and therefore unable to supply water to the huge population.

There are villages in Maharashtra that currently have no supply of clean drinking municipal water. Villages like these are being prioritised by NLMET, as we seek to drill bore wells to meet their most basic unmet need.

The Work

The drilling of bore wells for the provision of water has been a blessing to the underprivileged in the following areas:



Beneficiaries Around 100 families
Location Ghatla
Beneficiaries 90 families benefited
Location Khardeo Nagar
Beneficiaries 100 families
Location Acharya College
Beneficiaries 3000 students in this institute benefited
Location Mankhurd
Beneficiaries Over 2000 people
Local Need 800 houses built on garbage dumps were provided with clean drinking water after drilling bore well
Location Deonar
Beneficiaries 100 families in slums of Tata colony benefited
Location Ekta Nagar Chembur Naka
Beneficiaries Colony of vegetables and fish vendors
Location Wangni Tribal area in Thane District
Beneficiaries Entire Village
Local Need This village has a dam that provides water to thousands of people on the out skirts of Mumbai But no provision of fresh water to the village itself. We have dug 3 well in this area so the people do not have to go to the river to fetch water.
Location Badola Buldhana
Beneficiaries Total population 500
Location Kanadi Basti
Beneficiaries Beneficiaries 1000
Location Nutanwadi Jalna.
Beneficiaries 100 families benefited
Location Krushi Nagar Akola
Beneficiaries 250 families benefited
Location Latur
Beneficiaries 125 families benefited

In 2006- 2007 nine bore wells were dug

In 2008 coming year we aim to drill 35 new Bore Wells to supply clean drinking water.


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