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NLMET is concerned about the global effects of climate change and global warming. We believe every individual has a responsibility to be good stewards of our natural resources. Our key values in building sustainable communities are

Recycle - paper, cartridges, office supplies are effectively recycled as part of our conservation ethos

Reuse - we believe in reusing many commodities to extend their life

Repair - rather than dispose we seek to repair in order to make a positive contribution to our environment.

Replant : Our tree planting project in 2005 enabled us to plant over 200 trees in Mumbai. This helps us to make our contribution to a 'Green Mumbai' and also helps us do our part in maintaining an eco balance.

The Need

Over the years the city of Mumbai has been exposed to increased levels of pollution due to limited space, higher earnings that increased the number of vehicles on the road, the disregard of environment norms by many factories and small production outlets in the city.

Mumbai today is one of the worst polluted cities of the world. The city has a continuous influx of people who come with dreams of making it big in this 'city of dreams'. The increasing allocation of land for housing and business premises has depleted the city of open green spaces. This has led to an increase in pollution levels.

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