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Transformation Stories


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This program was started to support those who were affected by the Tsunami, as well as the banjara (tribe) who were in the grip of money lenders and loan sharks. The program gave them an opportunity to become economically self reliant.


There are some groups of tribal people living in small Indian villages who do not have any means of generating a sustainable income. This program was designed to meet their need. It supplied these tribal communities with the necessary tools and devices like specially made boxes to collect honey and also taught them how to clean and collect honey.

The Work

The victims affected by the Tsunami lost their homes, boats and fishing nets during this natural disaster. Victims in Port Blair, Chennai and Nagapattanam were given fully equipped Trawlers and Fishing nets. This enabled them to return to their occupation as fishermen.

The Banjara people who are indebted to un scrupulous money lenders, are charged exhobident rates of interest. This shackles them to the grip of moneylenders. The Banjara community were taught micro entrepreneurial skills like trading in fresh fishes caught at the docks, how to make a profitable deal and how to manage the money they earn.

Transformation Stories

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