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NLMET has responded to natural disasters that have caused extensive damage across India

NLMET has a three phase approach to disaster management:

We have been able to motivate an army of local volunteers and support to fuel these operations in the different locations.

The Need: When nature strikes in its fury it is often seen that humans are caught off guard, and many times the calamity and damage is of a vast nature, unsettling many lives and robbing even the basic necessities from those affected. At such times is of the outmost importance that help is given to those survivors so that they are able to cope up with the horror.

The work:
Cyclone Relief in Orissa - 1999

Rehabilitation of the cyclone affected areas was undertaken by building 100 houses, 5 schools and 6 Borewells. NLMET has empowered 228 farmers by distributing seeds for agricultural purpose.

Medical camps that were set up have treated approximately 10,000 people.

Earthquake Relief in Gujarat year 2001
A monthly ration of 200 tones of uncooked food was distributed to 5600 families. NLMET had erected 2500 tents in more than 40 villages benefiting 2500 families. Medical camps administering first- aid reached out to more than 5000 families.

Monsoon relief during floods in Mumbai July 2005
Immediate relief was provided by our Trust to over 1500 affected families in and around Mumbai by distributing 1708 food packets, 1067 Sholapuri blankets, 1520 bed sheets, 1155 mats, 343 stoves, 967 litres of kerosene,441 sets of cloths, 1174 towels & 142 boxes of medicines. In addition to the above school books, utensils and toiletries were distributed.

Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Operations year 2005-2006

Relief materials were provided to the victims affected by the Tsunami in Port Blair, Chennai and Nagapattanam by distributing food packets, and mosquito nets. Two large fully equipped trawlers and Fishing nets have been supplied.

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