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Transformation Stories
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Pre Primary Schools



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Quality, affordable education is unattainable for the vast number of children who live in urban slums. Parental desire to educate their children in the medium of English which is the business language in the nation of India creates a large need for the provision of affordable comprehensive pre primary education. Our goal is to provide affordable holistic education

The Need

This program builds on the Balwadi program. Providing continuity and ensuring that the inputs from the Balwadi are sustained. It reinforces the positive values and progress achieved. There are significant barriers to the children’s enrollment in mainstream education. This program reinforces the value of education giving the children access to affordable, quality education.

Many of the parents are construction workers, daily manual laborers who do not understand the need or have no desire to educate their child. The sad reality is that a rag picker, beggar or a day laborer with no home or basic facility does not want to invest in the education of their child.

These are the children the schools are established to reach. Dharavi, one of the largest slums of Asia which is densely populated has many industries (like leather) where young children work long hours each day in small stuffy room with no sunlight or adequate ventilation.

The Work

To bring in a positive change we aim to provide these children with the best education and quality input into their lives.

We currently have 2 Pre primary schools at Dharavi and Vile Parle which began in the year 1987 & 2003 respectively.

We started with 29 and 85 children respectively in each of these schools but have grown in these last years to 178 & 110 children.

We make sure that these children receive the best education, and have a holistic approach in their lives. We also provide these children with mid day meals.

Transformation Stories

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